FuzulFuzul Logo

Contracted to Fuzul Group

Fuzul project covers the merging of CRM and ERP software as existing discrete software platforms on a single software platform. In this way, both the needs of the departments and the business transition between departments are provided. Reducing the manual workload and to automate the processes are among the main goals of this project.

TibosTobb Logo

Contracted to Turkish Union of Chambers and Exchange Commodities

TIBOS is an e-government solution ensures the registration process and the trading transaction recorded by the Commodity Exchange.

In this respect, TİBOS application offers important solutions to the problems in combating the phenomenon of informal economy.

With these solutions, it helps to apply economic indicators and correct economic policies.

PerbisTc Ticaret Bakanligi Logo

Contracted to Ministry of Trade

The Retail Information System Project (Perbis) is an e-government solution that enables businesses operating in the retail sector to perform all life cycle operations related to opening, activity and closing electronically for all sectors in line with the vision of Single Contact Point. Simplifying processes, providing standardization, preventing duplicate information & document collection, determining the most efficient location for businesses, saving time & money are the main goals of this project.

PolutHavacilik Dairesi Baskanligi

Contacted to General Directorate of Security Aviation Department

POLUT (Police Aviation Flight Tracking and Fleet Management System) is an asset management project that carries out:

Flight Registration Aircraft Spare Parts Tracking (Warehouse-Inventory)

Air Tools Maintenance Tracking

Training Activities Tracking

ImplementationAselsan Logo

Contracted to ASELSAN

NATO STANAG 4677 Implementation has been defined in order to ensure the interoperability through a standardized exchange of information between Command, Control, Communications and Computer (C4) systems and the project has been carried out in accordance with STANAG 4677 standards. The project is an auxiliary tool for communication and it can be used only to ease conversation between a group of people.

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