Software testing is an integral part of software development life cycle as well as our daily work lives. It comes into point in order to evaluate the quality of the software systems and mitigate risks. It is certain that without it, even the smallest error can lead to an enormous loss.

In the light of this information, we know that each project is unique so we develop customized tests while detecting any potential bugs. We have right sources to ensure that your project completed on time and bring your product to market as soon as possible.

Our testing & QA professionals are quite experienced in terms of providing you the best experience and meet your expectations.

Focus Qa Documentation Testing

Documentation Testing

Documentation draws main lines about how the software should perform in real life. When we achieve final phase of the product, our software professionals use these documents to make sure that all expectations are met.

Focus Qa Unit Testing


In this type of testing, individual units or components are tested and the purpose is to validate each unit/component of the software is working as designed or expected. This process allows reduced the number of bugs.

Focus Qa Functional Testing


Functional testing is a type of black box testing and it aims to evaluate whether system satisfies functional requirements. This kind of testing is helpful for confirming the accessibility level of the final product.

Focus Qa Regression Testing


Regression testing is done to ensure that previously tested software still works after a code change and does not create impact the existing functionality of it. Our dev team works to make sure that new changes do not lead to unexpected results or bugs.

Focus Qa Integration Testing


Integration testing is performed to confirm the interactions between the modules of a software system and its coexistence with others. In this type of testing, individual modules are firstly tested and then they are combined until the entire system has been integrated.

Focus Qa System Testing


In this kind of testing, system is tested as a whole and all components are integrated in the aim of confirming whether system performs as designed. That's why our experts guarantee that once you go through the system test, you will have a complete product.

Focus Qa Load Testing


The term implies the ability of a software system to work under realistic loads. Realistic loads mean the requests of transaction that are created by defined number of users. So by load testing, we expect to understand the behavior of a software system under specific load which helps us to mimic live scenarios.

Focus Qa Penetration Testing

Penetration &
Security Testing

Every day we see examples of cyber-attacks on systems. In this respect, penetration testing plays vital role to avoid these kind of situations. It simply stimulates a cyber-attack to check for vulnerabilities so that they can be fixed immediately before cyber-attack.

Test Automation

Automation testing, one step ahead of manual testing, is defined as running the software programs that produce the test results without any human intervention. Software test automation can enter test data into the system, compare actual results against the expected one and form detailed test reports. It requires significant amount of money and resources. It saves effort & time to a great extent and it doesn't leave any scope for bugs in testing process. When it is ready, automated tests can be operated any number of times to test. Thus, it minimizes redundant manual work.

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